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We are so excited that you are participating in this year's Whitewater Kids Triathlon!


Things to know :

We will not have packet pick up the day before.  We ask that you arrive in plenty of time to get checked in at the registration table.


Check-in will begin at 7:30 am. 


Look for signs that indicate your age group.  Bibs will be given at this station; you will be instructed how to pin it on so that it will be visible at the finish line.   You will also be marked with your bib number and Wave.

Bikes can be taken directly to the bike transition areas.(the 6-7 year old group will have a separate transition area)   


At about 8:30 you will be able to find your designated section in the pool area.  Please make sure that you have been checked in before coming to the pool area.  Lifeguards will be staffed but we ask that all kids stay back from the pool and stay in their sections to make it easier and safer for us to get them lined up in the appropriate wave.  (Parents will need to stay outside of the pool area to watch) 


They will start in the pool, transition to their bikes and end with the run.  

Once out of the pool they will run down the grass outside of the pool to the bike transition area.  

You will want to make sure your child's shirt (with bib attached), shoes and helmet are readily available.

(For the smallest group of kiddos, ages 6-7, we will allow (1) parent to assist the child.)


They will return their bikes to the transition area and continue with the last leg of the race, running. 

Make sure that your child runs all the way through the finish line!


Water, a metal!!!! and cheers from the crowd will be waiting on the other side of the finish line!


When all participant have completed the event we will have a drawing for some super fun prizes.  


We will have volunteers along the route, but make sure your children know they need to watch for traffic. 

Also, participates must wear bike helmets.  We want to keep everyone safe, so they are required.  


Due to the construction at the St Charles High School, we will ask that you park in the parking lot across from the school, (Faith Lutheran Church parking lot) There will be a sign designating the lot.   

We will have our Police Dept at the crossing area to slow traffic.  (please be aware that traffic does come into town at a higher rate of speed on Hwy 14) 


Make sure that you getting plenty of rest the night before and that you have a breakfast that will fuel your body. 

Please contact us with any questions. 

Have a great time!!!!

Thank you,
Whitewater Kids Triathlon


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